Sky Magic Live at Mt. Fuji : Drone Entertainment Show

Beautiful backdrop of the world heritage site Mt. Fuji was used to stage the first Live performance using MIDI controlled LED flying machines, accompanied by Shamisens, the Japanese traditional guitars.

This was done so by utilising more than 20 units of these flying machines, flight swarming formations, music, and 16,500 LED lights to combine into a single audio visual extravaganza. Furthermore, we are able to control the flying machines, visual and audio aspects concurrently, using the DMX512.

System design and Lighting design by no new folk studio Inc.

Suntory HIBIKI Harmony Bar with HIBIKI Glass

HIBIKI Glass is the world’s first interactive whisky glass, blending traditional Japanese design with innovative sensor technology. Tilting, touching, swirling, or drinking out of glass, produces audio and visual effects of the four seasons at Harmony Bar.


Sound interaction by Yuya Kikukawa